Organ Mountains Day 1

I was restless, so I decided to go on an adventure. I left my house in the middle of the night to go catch sunrise down south somewhere. Stopped once to get a shot of the truck with Elephant Butte in the distance. Then I found myself waiting at the gate of Aguirre Springs Rec Area. I was approached by a guy my age and eventually learned he was on a road trip from Florida. For the rest of the morning I hung out with Robert and hiked Pine Loop Trail. It was only the beginning of what you would call a spontaneous trip. I soon learned that so much more was in store and that a surprise was around almost every corner. Ate lunch with Chris, the owner of OrganMountain Outfitters. Then mobbed around with him and Robert the rest of the day! The evening was quite moody and there were storm clouds brewing overhead but it was still a great time. And this was all just the first day of the trip. 

Later that evening.