Camping at Monument Valley

The weekend before Thanksgiving I decided to go on a spontaneous trip with my good friend Johnny.

A stressful semester at school and constantly working or doing homework was starting to hinder my creativity. This was the perfect opportunity to get out and just have fun and enjoy life. We drove all day Sunday and made it to Monument Valley during the evening. Even though it was dark, seeing the silhouettes of the historic landmark gave us so much joy. We decided to camp at the primitive camp ground near the hotel. In the morning we woke up to one of the coolest views I've ever seen. After taking it in and grabbing a few pictures, the fog started to move into the valley and soon the valley was hardly visible. It will be a morning I won't easily forget.

And yet, the rest of the day was just as memorable. We then drove to the Lake Powell area hoping to see Antelope Canyon but didn't have any luck because of heavy rain and flooding. Determined not to be bummed out we immediatly drove to Horseshoe Bend. On the way we saw some epic fog and hiked around for a bit. But Horseshoe Bend was perhaps the most incredible spot from the whole trip. It was cloudy and moody so the bend looked completely different than what I have seen on social media. Such a huge canyon that the Colorado River just snaked through so far below. It was so hard not to take a powerful image there.

The last stop for sunset was Coal Mine Canyon. We were freezing and full of curiosity and decided to hike down even though it was almost dark. The colors of the rocks and canyon walls were breathtaking. It was such a great way to end the day. Even the hike was satisfying. The 5 hour ride home was full of conversation and reflection. Such an epic trip.

Johnny also made a short video from the trip on his YouTube channel. Check it out here!

The rest are iPhone pictures because my camera died.